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Raoul and Yvonne Meyer International Award for the Preservation of World Culture

we have created the "Raoul and Yvonne Meyer International Award for the Preservation of World Culture" (Meyer Award) to award those responsible of saving cultural property and preserving our global history.
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Stop Looted Antiquities Market

We are working closely with our partner organizations to create an international effort to stop the looted antiquities market and advocate for further restitution legislation in the U.S.
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Education Concerning Crimes Against People

The Foundation currently is working to create national crimes of totalitarian regimes education for high schoolers, to further the understanding of the crimes that governments have committed against their people. ​ ​ This will allow the students to comprehend the importance of the actions of their own and others governments.
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Restitution of "La Bergere"

Over the short time that the Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation has existed, we have been able to restitute "La bergère" in an internationally unprecedented case that has changed the restitution industry. ​ ​ We have also been able to pass substantial pro-restitution legislation, conduct Holocaust education programs, participation in ...
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A University of Oklahoma student organization is organizing a significant event in Oklahoma City. The Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation, Inc., lead by Eric Sundby, is co-sponsoring a multi-cultural and multi-religious candlelight vigil and memorial service to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The event will be Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 starting at 1:30 pm at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Survivor Tree.


I will be participating at the memorial representing my colleagues in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. There will be other Representatives in attendance as well. Also, as an elected Representative of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, I will be representing Native Americans. There is a great and long history between France and the Potawatomi Indians of North America.

France is America’s oldest alley, and as victims of terrorism ourselves, we Oklahomans want to demonstrate our solidarity with the citizens of France. And they are in our prayers.

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Oklahoma HR-1026

We have helped push for the passing of Oklahoma HR-1026, a resolution requesting for the conduction of provenance research and any restitution at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum at the University of Oklahoma. We have also been able to increase advocacy of restitution throughout the art world. Lastly, during our existence we have been able to create a net...
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