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Proponents for Israel


The Foundation stands as a firm supporter of the one and only Jewish state. Israel has provided our world with unprecedented positive innovation through scientific, social, and civil change. As the Foundation strives for a world with a free society, it understands that Israel is one of the only democratic and free nations in the Asian continent. These virtues in which we hold dear and seek for the world to know more, we see in the western powers, including Israel.

Through our advocacy against the BDS movement and in support of the State of Israel we have been able to accomplish a difficult feat: the passage of pro-Israel and anti-BDS legislation. Within the House of Representatives of the State of Oklahoma, we advocated for the passage of HR1035, “Condemning the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement; reaffirming support of Israel; distribution” in the year of 2016. Seeing this as a great victory for the pro-Israel movement, we will continue this cause throughout the future.

America and Isreal

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