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Holocaust Education

Yellow badge

A Yellow Badge, similar to those placed on Jewish people throughout Europe under the Nazi Regime. Photo provided by Jewish Journal.

Due to the lack of Holocaust education within modern society and academic institutions, we found it not only necessary but a duty to provide this education to our communities. While providing educational programs, we have also conducted remembrance ceremonies, and participated in scholarly and academic research into the fields of international studies, genocide, and have worked with scholars and public policy officials to develop solutions to current geo-political problems.

Under our current plans, we are working on the development of a Holocaust Education Program, that will be advocated to be used in High Schools throughout the United States. We believe that Holocaust education should be made mandatory for all students, especially due to current trends in international affairs, this type of education might allow students to better understand why certain events are taking place. The education of our young population is necessary for a better future and a better society as a whole, therefore we must continue to advocate for the education of the Holocaust and other crimes committed by governments and states.


Train entrance to Auschwitz II (Birkenau) extermination camp. Photo provided by Vice.

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