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Prejudice & Anti-Semitism


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Prejudice has existed since the beginning of civilization, and throughout the world. Because of this, we have spent much of our time combating prejudice, anti-Semitism, terrorism, and hate. Though prejudice has caused great destruction, we believe that our future is bright, and by educating our communities and society we will be able to overcome. Through social change and by uniting under a common “hatred of evil” we will teach our fellow nations of what is morally right to do even during trying and difficult times.

Shortly after the Paris attacks the Foundation quickly organized an international ceremony at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum in memorialization for the victims of the terrorist acts. This ceremony was televised around the globe and included a representative of French Republic. Through this social activism, we were able to provide a grieving community a sense of hope for the future, and allowed two very close nations an opportunity to remember the victims of these attacks together. We would like to note that we will be meeting with the French government this summer to present a solidarity banner, and meet to discuss current prejudicial societal problems in France and ways to solve them.

Grant Moak

Grant Moak, Honorary Consul of France speaks at the international ceremony and memorial for the 2015 Paris attacks hosted by the Foundation. Photo provided by NewsOK.

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