The Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation

Remember the Darkness, Ignite the Light!

What The Holocaust Rememberance and Restitution Foundation Does

Throughout the last century, our world has seen an amazing leap in technology, human rights, and the advancement of our species as a whole. Yet, one of humanity’s darkest hours lay in the middle of this advancement. During these trying times, prejudice and anti-Semitism led to hatred and destruction. Genocide and the Holocaust quickly swept through our planet in an immense wave. Not only did our fellow human beings suffer, but our very culture and civilization was at risk of extinction. Cultural and historical plundering led to a great loss of our documented artistic, historical, scientific, and political achievements. Nazi Germany tried to eradicate our way of life, and replace it with a radical draconian culture. It is because of this that we have decided to take on four key missions:


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Recovery of stolen art at Schloss Neuschwanstein. Photo provided by RapeofEuropa.

We seek the restitution for stolen cultural and historical artifacts and antiquities. This can include artwork, family heirlooms, real-estate, and any other form of property. We also advocate for the preservation and conservation of world heritage. This includes any and all cultural property throughout the globe that has been stolen from its original owners. While advocating for the restitution for wrongs which took place in history, we furthermore monitor the illegal antiquities trade around the world to provide information to the public and government for the efforts to cease this trend.


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Photo provided by Shopb4a.

The Foundation strives to provide educational programs and materials to the public for a better understanding of the Holocaust and various other genocides and crimes against humanity. A current project is underway to create a High School Holocaust Education Program that will hopefully be adopted by all of the 50 states (current Holocaust education is only required in 2 states). We plan and host memorial ceremonies during key dates around the year in remembrance of the Holocaust and other historical events. A key effort of ours is to host panels, lectures, and open discussions with the public around the nation to further the understanding of these difficult subjects.

Anti-Semitism and Prejudice:

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Sign marking a Jewish free area. Photo provided by the Senior Times.

Due to the immense increase in anti-Semitism in Europe, we believe that it was necessary to monitor the hate crimes and violence against the Jewish people not only abroad but here at home as well. This monitoring covers non-anti-Semitic prejudicial attacks as well. Therefore, we work closely with communities, governments, institutions, and corporations to by providing specific training and consulting to counteract these problems, all at no cost. We host open talks with communities to address these sensitive issues and work towards finding ways to combat prejudice and anti-Semitism within society.


Israel Flag 1

Israeli Flag. Photo provided by Getty Images.

We believe that by being pro-Israel, we are being pro-future. The State of Israel, as a “start-up” nation and a country that has provided a large amount of innovation, scientific, and social advancement, is a symbol of where we can go as humans. Now, we very well understand that Israel is not perfect by any means, and has just as many problems as every other sovereign nation. Yet, it is because of their contributions to mankind that we will continue to advocate and fight for its continued existence. We believe Israel shows the world that light can always be found amongst the darkness.

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