The Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation

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The Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation, Inc. fights to return stolen antiquities while also working to stop the illegal antiquity market, advocate for and provide Holocaust/WWII/Communist crime and history education, and combat anti-Semitism and prejudice in society and around the world.

Remember the Darkness, Ignite the Light!

What We've Done

Over the short time that the Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution Foundation has existed, we have been able to restitute “La bergère” in an internationally unprecedented case that has changed the restitution industry. We have also been able to pass substantial pro-restitution legislation, conduct Holocaust education programs, participation in international and diplomatic conferences, and the passage of anti-boycott, divestment, and sanction legislation supporting the State of Israel.

What We're Doing

The Foundation currently is working to create national crimes of totalitarian regimes education for high schoolers, to further the understanding of the crimes that governments have committed against their people. This will allow the students to comprehend the importance of the actions of their own and others governments.

We are also working closely with our partner organizations to create an international effort to stop the looted antiquities market and advocate for further restitution legislation in the U.S.

Lastly, we have created the "Raoul and Yvonne Meyer International Award for the Preservation of World Culture” (Meyer Award) to award those responsible of saving cultural property and preserving our global history.

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